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Law Office of Kelly B. Sims, P.A.
The Day Building 605 East Robinson Street, Suite 250 Orlando, Florida 32801
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  • Law Office of Kelly B. Sims, P.A.
  • Law Office of Kelly B. Sims, P.A.
  • Law Office of Kelly B. Sims, P.A.
Tested. Tried. True.

a non-traditional board-certified defense attorney offering Floridians optimism and options

For Nearly 30 Years About Kelly
  • “Never, never, never, never give up.” - Winston Churchill

  • “Don't panic.” - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • “There's a difference between twenty years experience and one year of experience twenty times.” - Joseph W. DuRocher

Board-Certified Orlando, FL Criminal Lawyer Provides Expert Counsel

Over 30 Years of hard-won wisdom and willing to use it

As you surf the Internet looking for legal counsel, I imagine you are comparing and contrasting various firms. My firm, Kelly B. Sims, PA, is not an ordinary law firm. From the first time you step into my office, you sense confidence. With over three decades of courtroom law under my belt, I have been through it all, and my experience translates into results. If you've been wrongly accused, or think you've been wrongly accused of a crime and need someone to fight for you, or if your marriage is falling apart and you need advocacy through those tough times, I will be there for you. I have trained in collaborative law for family issues. I am also  Board-Certified by the Florida Bar as an expert in Criminal Trial Law. These credentials may seem like contradictory skillsets, but I rely on them equally to win both criminal and family law matters.

“Clients are like fish; those who keep their mouths closed are much more likely to go free” - K.B. Sims

I am a straight shooter. When I give you advice, it is based on three decades of working deep in the trenches of Florida law. I have used my well-earned expertise to defend local citizens, tourists and international visitors in the courtroom or at the negotiating table. When you hire my firm, you get an attorney who is:

  • Trained and acclaimed — I am Board-Certified as a Criminal Trial Expert by the Florida Bar, hold both Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctorate degrees from the University of Florida, and am a graduate of the prestigious National Criminal Defense College. For clients who seek a more amicable experience in family law matters, I am trained in collaborative law. My accolades include:
  • Strong in court — My approach to the law is unconventional. Sometimes I use a carrot, sometimes I use a stick, but all the time I fight for your constitutional right to life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness. Being charged with a crime doesn’t erase your future.
  • Been there, won that — Through the years, I have handled it all: from a man who was arrested for Domestic Violence Battery for throwing a cup of water on his wife - the case was dropped before it was ever filed; to a man who was charged with First Degree Murder because his DNA was found on a newspaper under a victim- the jury acquitted him at trial.  I've defended people who have never been entangled in the judicial system and those who have,  but in each case, I used all my legal expertise and passion for justice to defend them. 
  • A calming force through turbulent waters — If you have legal issues. you're going through a tough time. Believe me, I've seen plenty of people in the same boat. That's why I want to set your course for a safe harbor, where you and others feel at ease while we navigate the complicated legal system.

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Criminal defense: "There's a difference between twenty years of experience and one  year of experience twenty times." - Joseph Durocher  

When you are under arrest  and looking at jail or prison time, do you want a lawyer fresh out of college or do you want a Board-Certified Expert in criminal law with 30 years experience to fight for your interests? I challenge any charges, from petit theft to murder. I start fighting the charges even before we enter a courtroom. In many cases, I can get accusations dismissed outright. I handle:

  • Criminal defense — I keep up with the latest in forensics and use the evidence I can to exonerate you from violent crimes charges, murder, sex crimes and weapons violations.
  • DUI or Drunk Driving — “One for the road” isn’t a good idea, but it happens. When you have been charged with a DUI on your way home or as a tourist, I’ll be there for you.
  • Juvenile Defense — When your child has been accused of committing a juvenile crime,  you can't risk hiring an attorney who is anything less than a Board-Certified Expert to fight for your child's future.

Getting beyond the “he said/she said” in family law

With both collaborative and traditional methods, I handle all aspects of family law. These aspects include divorce, separation of assets, settlement agreements, child custody, time-sharing, child support and paternity.

For more information on my services, make an appointment so I can present your options.

"Peace and Justice are two sides of the same coin." - Dwight Eisenhower

Facing legal hurdles? Call for an appointment

Serving all of greater Orlando, including Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake, Brevard, and Volusia counties, my office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but I’m happy - Okay, not happy, but willing - to make appointments outside of those hours on evenings and weekends. I accept cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards. At the Law Office of Kelly B. Sims, PA, I know that every individual situation requires a unique strategy. Call me at 407-901-4425 or contact me online to begin planning your strategy.